I am currently not accepting any new clients that intend to utilize their health insurance.

Several of the services that I offer are not currently covered by third-party payers and paying out of pocket for therapy offers several advantages over utilizing insurance.

1.  Your personal information stays completely confidential. Your insurance company does not have access to the mental health diagnosis, type of treatment, or whether you're even receiving treatment.  Many people do not realize that this information is entered into a national database and can affect your ability to obtain life insurance or other types of insurance. In order to bill a third-party payer, you must have a diagnosis and this diagnosis must be reported to the insurance company.

2. There is more autonomy in not using insurance. You and I get to decide what treatment looks like (frequency, duration, modality, etc.).  Your insurance company does not get to limit your sessions or make you justify receiving treatment after an arbitrary period of time. Additionally, many diagnoses do not qualify for insurance reimbursement.

3. Finally, payments are predictable and easy to budget. There are no surprise payments or changes due to unmet deductibles. You do not have to deal with coverage changes or failures to cover the treatment. Your insurance company will never deny a claim or suddenly fail to cover services after a policy change.